everybody only…

..Your home is at the end

“..And to this beauteous garden
He brought mankind to live,
And said “To you, my children,
These lovely flowers I give.
Prune ye my vines and fig trees,
With care my flowers tend,
But keep the pathway open
Your home is at the end.”

― Robert Frost, God’s Garden




“That perfect tranquility of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat, a faithful friend and a good library.” ~ Aphra Behn

“..each person is a strand of the story.”
― Neil Gaiman

“She embraced the dark; she believed it was her time to shine…”

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“I gave birth to one child, a son, but I have thousands of daughters.
You are Black and White, Jewish and Muslim, Asian, Spanish-speaking, Native American and Aleut. You are fat and thin and pretty and plain, gay and straight, educated and unlettered, and I
am speaking to you all.” ~ Letter to My Daughter, Maya Angelou