the crazy mess that is Christmas…

It’s cooking all night

It’s moodiness and spite

It’s the knock on the door

and the weariness you endure


It’s a shake and a hug

and a ‘Shit man, why’d you bring the dog?’

It’s a huge, hearty laugh

at the vodka hidden in a bag


It’s a ‘Where is everyone?’

followed by ‘Who’s picking up mom?’

It’s a ‘Hello my lovely!’

and ‘Who’s my favourite niecy?’


It’s children driving you crazy,

adults shedding responsibility

It’s a ‘Get off the floor!!’

‘Go look who’s at the door!’


It’s music too loud

and people dancing all around

It’s ‘What time is dinner?’

and ‘That cake should be much bigger!’


It’s remembering those who aren’t here

Reminiscing, shedding a tear

Cheering them with a toast

Then a ‘Damnit! I forgot the roast!!’


It’s a ‘You made my day!’

‘So glad you came and stayed.’

It’s love and it’s laughter

and too much food after


It’s ‘Thank you so much,

next year it’s at ours.’

But you know that they lie

’cause they even mess up BUYING a pie


They’ll be here again next year

Christmas here and not there

but the cooking all night

and the moodiness and spite


and the knocks on the door

and the weariness you endure

and all of the mentioned hell above

is worth it, when surrounded by love.

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