you love me…


Is it not I you claim to love. Claim?

My name on your lips; like no other

Your eyes on me; that look only I can read

Those hands on me, the urgency in your kiss.

You love me. I feel it.

Is it not at my touch that you melt?

You float, as if coming down from a high. All tension fading.

You think I can’t feel it but I can, I do.

And is it not in my embrace that you shiver?

Purr like a kitten, settling into my arms as if I am home?

Have we not been to hell and heaven,

have you not cried in my arms as I in yours?

Have we not smiled, laughed, made merry,

found comfort in each other?

I feel it.

I could, I can, I do.

See me. Hear my plea

I love you as you love me.

You do:

I feel it

and so do you

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