The Letter…

National Identities by Jan Banning

National Identities by Jan Banning. Nissrine, a Moroccan girl, reads an application for a Dutch citizenship course. An alternative version of Johannes Vermeer’s painting ‘Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window’.

Delphin Enjolras

Love Letter by Delphin Enjolras

The Letter, Edmund Blair Leighton

The Letter by Edmund Blair Leighton

 Kanika Goyal

Love letter by Kanika Goyal


Girl in water reading a love letter by graffiti artist Aryz

Georges de La Tour

St. Jerome reading a Letter ca. 1593-1652 by Georges de La Tour

Utamaro Kitagawa

The Letter by Utamaro Kitagawa 1750-1806


Girl reading a letter by pwerner4155

 James Carroll Beckwith

The Letter, 1910 by James Carroll Beckwith


Elvis reads fan mail, 1956

 Johannes Vermeer

Woman reading a letter by Johannes Vermeer ca. 1663

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