Why the English novel is no longer English by Kate Williams

Today’s English literature reflects ethnic diversity..

In early April, the Baileys Prize shortlist for fiction by women was announced. Although it is a UK-based prize, there are no authors who are sole citizens of the UK on the shortlist: Donna Tartt is American,Hannah Kent is Australian, Audrey Magee and Eimear McBride are Irish, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is from Nigeria and Jhumpa Lahiri holds both US and British citizenships.

Recently, the UK’s major fiction prize, the Man Booker, changed its remit to include authors from all over the world. And readers of UK books are from across the world, thanks to online ordering and ebooks. The barriers which complicate ordering ebooks from different countries will probably come down in future years – resulting in a truly international readership.  Read More

(Kate Williams is an author, historian and broadcaster on history, culture and the arts. Source: Al Jazeera)